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Why you'll Love Us ?

We specialize in creating a home based environment of luxury & relaxation. while saving you money.

Serene Aqua has proudly been serving the area with decades of combined experience. We work closely with our clients to actualize their ideas and ensure that they have a role in the creative process every step of the way. We work with trained horticulturalists to provide the best advice on types of trees to plant, work efficiently with state-of-the-art machinery for all our work, are certified industry leaders in our hardscape installations.
In order to keep our prices down, we have learned from experience that it is important to have partnerships with local providers. Thus, over the years we have developed partnerships with local businesses for most of the materials we use, making our materials easy to obtain and keeping our costs low.
At Serene Aqua our intention is to combine the best of both worlds - landscape/hardscape design and water gardening. The uniting of these two specialties will make your yard and garden into a total ecological system that attracts birds, butterflies, and friends to your garden to rave over your backyard paradise - and yearn for one of their own...imagine yourself sitting around the yard on a balmy summer night with the stars blinking overhead, the soothing sound of water rustling nearby. Sound of water can increase the serenity of the moment and one way to bring that sound closer to home is by installing a waterfall and/or pond near your favorite spot in the yard. They can be installed near a deck, close to the house or just about anywhere on your property where space allows.
Building a pond and/or a waterfall requires quality components, proper design and technique, and a fair amount of physical labor. You get all this when you have Serene Aqua build a water garden step by step; you will also have the security of an expert in aqua landscaping who’s just a call or an email away.
Why pay Hundreds of dollars a day for only a week at a vacation spa just to relax in the lap of luxury, when you can enjoy it every day of the year in your own back yard? Your water garden creates luxury at its best – can you imagine! Delight in the mesmerizing sound of your cascading waterfall, the reflection of blue sky on the shimmering pond surface, and the tranquil movement of fish in clear water. This luxury of emperors, a water garden, can be yours for less money than you would imagine and with minimal maintenance
When designing and building a wall or paver patio certain design and build techniques need to be carefully considered. When you are choosing Serene Aqua to design and build your next hardscape project feel assured that you are getting the expertise and quality you deserve for a fine job. Don’t be fooled, There are many ways to cut corners that will compromise the structural integrity of your job to keep prices down. Using a Reading Rock certified installer like Serene Aqua, you will not have to worry.

Our Services

At Serene Aqua, there's no landscaping challenge we can't meet, thanks to our decades of combined experience creating amazing landscaped spaces for families, businesses, everyone!

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Why do you choose Serene Aqua ?

Cincinnati Landscaping says a great deal about a person and can be very straight and narrow or artistically awe inspiring. Serene Aqua seeks to capture the very core of the individuals interests and expressions through our creations.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Landscapes include more than just plants; Driveways, walkways, patios, and walls are all key components of the outdoor living space.

Landscape Design and Installation

Creating the perfect outdoor living space takes a good deal of thought and creativity. Serene Aqua is here to help design and install the landscape of your dreams.

Water Feature Design/Installation

Yards and gardens with sections that feature water are the dreams of many a home owner.

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Serene Aqua's Portfolio

We love to show off our previous works and after much time toiling over thousands of artistic landscaping photos we bring you our portfolio. We hope you enjoy them!



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